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You can directly contact us at P: (310) 893-1736 or E: info@reunify.com

  • All prices are per club per month if you sign up for a year after your trial.
  • Up-front payments come with 20% discount. 
  • 2 Year contract comes with 20% discount.
  • If you prefer to go on-demand (month-to-month), add 20% to the pricing.

You can directly contact us at P: (310) 893-1736 or E: info@reunify.com

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Free Advanced support during the Trial period! Always free Basic support. We promise! Prices are per club location. SLA: Service Level Agreement.


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Prices are per member basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions before you decide.

What does FREE mean?

As in Free Air. Your on-boarding starts free once you give consent to moso.Financial about data sharing. We let you know when you are ready to start. No worries, you will still have time until your free trial starts so you can make the best of our online help and training material! Trial goes on two months. We will be supporting you by email for free! Even an online training along with an on-boarding conference call is free.

Why Do I Authorize Release of Club Data?

In order for you to make use of best of our AI, we need to know more about your club and members. The moso.Data Release Authorization is needed for us to collect this information on on-going basis as well.

Do I have to go with all my club locations? Can I start slowly?

You can start slowly and activate each club location as you are ready. We will need all of your club and member information from moso.so we can make our AI work for “each of your” club locations. We tailor our models according to your overall club’s member and process models. 

How do I get started?

Watch our introduction videos, call us and make your decision as to which package is right for you. Once you chose your package, we will ask for your moso.Client information. Don’t worry, we will not charge or invoice you until after Trial period ends. We let you know on-boarding is finished and you are good to go! It is that easy!

How can I find help?

Our extensive online help and training material will make things easy for you. If you need further help, there is always our free support channel! You can even purchase additional support if you like. Call us and we can even get you our dedicated support options.

Why are On-Demand prices higher?

As you would appreciate, contract pricing would help us plan our resources in advance. When it is on-demand, we cannot plan ahead as much, hence all our resources cost more.
Still have questions?

You can directly contact us at P: (310) 893-1736 or E: info@reunify.com

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